The Comprehensive Family Engagement 
Solution for Schools and Districts

Flyer connects ALL families with relevant school information and resources on their school's custom mobile app. While families easily send and receive school information, school staff use familiar tools to keep families informed.
Flyer apps are comprehensive, integrate with existing systems, translate and achieve fast adoption.
Flyer reaches families how they want to be reached.


Communicate Efficiently

School Content is Always Fresh.
Staff send a message from their phone or computer, Flyer instantly updates the school's app, website and social media.
Say goodbye to cumbersome website and social media updates!

Easy to Update
Flyer easily integrates with familiar tools like Google, Outlook and email making it easy to keep content current and eliminate staff training.New Paragraph
Simplicity Increases Communication
1. Families download their school's app from the Apple or Google app stores.
2. Families tap the interactive banners, news or push notifications to view new messages in their language.
3. Families instantly respond (in their language) securely.

Increase Responses

Drive event attendance.
Grow your PTA 25%.
Increase and automate volunteering.
Provide a 2-way channel free of email.
Families securely submit news, photos and info while the main office maintains control.
Incentivize good behavior! 
Award point and prizes for participation.

Deliver Resources

Student and Classroom
Flyer goes beyond menus and calendars.  Instant access to grades, classroom and blended learning tools pulls the classroom into the home. Our open system does not require SIS integration but does deliver access.
PTA, athletics, district information and extras are only the beginning!

Family and Living
Removing hurdles is the first step to increasing engagement.  Flyer apps put families in touch with the community resources they need to get focused on their education.

Promote Your School

Improved Outreach
Flyer apps help schools present a professional image. and showcase the school's culture and activities.  Flyer apps help schools increase positive reviews, expand their social media presence and even stay close with prospective families!  

More Referrals
Students and families refer friends with a tap on the app. School teams are notified, prospects are invited to tour and registration begins!

How We're Unique

  • Customized and comprehensive for the school
  • Rapid adoption reaching over 70% of families with a few months
  • Managed service ensures fresh content and high usage
  • Fast learning curve by leveraging familiar staff tools 
  • One Update syncs with social media, email and website
  • Strict student privacy rules, no SIS integration
  • Multilingual communication reaches all families
  • Supporting the whole family with assistance resources
  • Actively drives positive parent behavior
  • We're always innovating and providing new features to our schools


Our affordable pricing is designed to help any school of any size.  We believe every school needs an app.  The annual app subscription is based on the type of school:
  • Elementary
  • Middle 
  • High
  • Custom Solutions


Student Privacy & SIS Free

Flyer takes student privacy seriously; after all, we're parents too!  We do not collect individual data, period. Our app permissions are necessary for families to engage with the schools.  Please view our privacy policy by clicking the image at right or contact us for more information.

Our Partners

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