Why Schools Need Apps

Why Schools Need Apps

Reach ALL families regardless of income or language

Nearly all families have smartphones whereas only some have email and home computers/internet access. Families easily download their free school app and are instantly connected to their student's personalized communication channels and school content in their native language.

Remove hurdles to family engagement

We eliminate the need for registrations, email addresses and home internet access. Students and parents simply need their smartphone to be connected to their class, PTA, School and District info and resources.
It simply doesn't get easier than an app to connect with parents and students.

Easier, more effective communication

Staff instantly deliver messages in seconds to families phones from a mobile device or browser. Messages may be broadcasted to alert of a lockdown or weather closure. Alternatively, if practice is cancelled, a meeting is moved or homework changed staff can target sub-segments such as classes or after-school programs, Power outage or internet down, the lines are still open.

Our robust apps allow families to submit information to the school such as attendance, updated contact info, surveys, RSVPs, and feedback and more...in their native language.

Simplify Tasks

Our program is easy to use and full of tools that save our schools time and money. Inbound communications are presented in a usable spreadsheets saving errors and input time, we even accept digital signatures! This is truly the end of paper!

Families submit payments, requests, applications, purchases and more eliminating checks and paper forms.  

Organizing volunteers, communicating news and scores and growing fundraising is as easy as sending an email.

Better Results

Our results exceed take-home folder, web and email at a lower cost. ​

We take it personally. Our widespread adoption and usage rates is the result of a highly tailored experience. Families and staff only receive messages that apply to them. Content is specific to their interest and needs. Parents view info in their native language and respond in seconds from their mobile device. 
We also provide all schools with a proprietary launch plan designed for each school that ensures success.

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