By Zuben Bastani 05 Jan, 2018
Now that the holidays have come and gone, it's time to set our sights on enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year . Leveraging your Flyer School App to execute an enrollment campaign will drum up excitement among your current families and draw in prospective students to your awesome school community! Between banners, promotional videos, digital registration forms, we've put together a toolkit to ensure that you're maximizing your enrollment and registration campaign! 
By Zuben Bastani 04 Jan, 2018

Recommended Usage: The Flyer Team recognizes that a major concern among the parents of school-aged children is how to teach appropriate behavior online, keep their children safe on their devices, and appropriately manage and monitor screen time. We’ve amassed a list of resources broken down by age group that we think would be beneficial for your families! These are designed to be able to copy and paste into a push notification (or edited as you see fit!), and the content can be linked directly using the supplied URL!

Click HERE to see this process at work!


  • Eager to be wiser about “screen time” and establish more opportunities to bond as a family in this digital age? TAP HERE for “6 Media Resolutions Every Family Should Make in 2018”:

Source: Common Sense Media

  • Cyberbulling is a major issue among school-aged children, and one we as a community work hard to combat! TAP HERE to watch a 60-second video addressing how cyberbullying affects students, and access a comprehensive anti-cyberbullying toolkit, consisting of video resources (in English & Spanish!) for Teachers, Students, and Parents, including game-style instruction in digital citizenship!

Source: Common Sense Media

YOUNGER STUDENTS (Kindergarten-5th Grade)

  • (Kindergarten-3rd grade)   You’ve spoken with your kids about how to be smart and safe in the “real world”, but you want to make sure they understand how to interact safely online as well. BrainPOP Jr.’s “Internet Safety” toolkit incorporates a short video for students to watch, plus a wealth of supplemental resources (quizzes, and games, and lesson plans, oh my!) to ensure that even kindergartners have an awesome foundation in internet safety! TAP HERE to access the video!

Source: BrainPOP Jr.

  • (2nd-5th graders) Want to teach your kids how to be safe and responsible explorers of the online world? “Be Internet Awesome” is a program that includes a fun and free web-based game called Interland and an educational curriculum to teach kids about digital citizenship and online safety. The initiative will provide students with five key lessons to help them better navigate: How to be internet SMART, how to be internet ALERT, how to be internet STRONG, how to be internet KING, and how to be internet BRAVE. TAP this message to check it out

Source: Google

OLDER STUDENTS (6th-12th Grades):

  • Cyberbulling is a major issue among teens and tweens, and one we as a community work hard to combat! WiredSafety is one of the pioneers in the field of cybersafety, and contains information about everything from digital citizenship, to how and where to get help if someone is a victim of cyberbullying or cyberabuse, with a distinct focus on teenagers. TAP HERE to read more!

Source: WiredSafety

By Zuben Bastani 13 Dec, 2017
Extra H app iness.
Delivering resources is one of Flyer's main tenets to family engagement.  We compiled three useful ways school use their Flyer School App to deliver resources that will help spread joy this Holiday Season.  This content is great to be hosted in your resources tab, sent as push notifications, and displayed as banners!  

The holidays can be an economically challenging time for many low-income families. Working together, we can make this time brighter for those families and their children.

Every winter, Slavens Elementary (Denver) continues a tradition of "adopting" families at a sister school nearby. As a community, they work to provide these families with both gifts as well as things that they need (like winter coats and shoes), using their app to host a sign up form for various Christmas items. The Slavens family is building community with their sister school, and in the process, reinforcing the true spirit of the holidays ( giving, gratitude, and solidarity ) with their children.

As the temperatures are dropping, many families in our schools are growing increasingly more apprehensive about maintaining a warm, safe, and healthy home for their children.

LIHEAP  helps identify local resources to help keep families in their homes, and maintain a healthy temperature indoors. Local Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP)  aim to help families permanently  lower their utility bills by working to proactively make homes more energy efficient.

Socioeconomic factors greatly influence the volume of illness and disease, and prevent major barriers to vaccination efforts, especially during the winter flu season. Many low income families are juggling multiple jobs and cannot afford to take time off work to get vaccinated (or to stay home when they get sick). It is also common that low income and ELL families do not understand how to access flu shots, don't recognize the importance of getting a vaccine every year, or do not trust immunizations. Children are especially vulnerable.

Salida del Sol (Greeley) worked to make flu vaccinations seamless and accessible for their families. By partnering with a local health organization, they were able to host a Flu Shot Clinic right at their school, enabling their students to get vaccinated and thus mitigate the spread of disease for the entire community.

Whether your families are settling in for the holidays at home, or packing your suitcases to visit loved ones, Christmas break is an incredible opportunity to expand horizons, encourage critical thinking, and foster strong engagement with reading.  

Fontenelle Elementary (Omaha)
 has partnered with DIBS for Kids , which aims to put a book in the hands of new readers, every night, at home, for fun. Gust Elementary   (Denver)  has built in an entire tab in their app  dedicated to reading, with a vast selection of books, including narration in 15 different languages!  

We've compiled a list
 of some of our favorite e-books, audiobooks, and podcasts for children of all ages to excite young learners (and their parents! And the Flyer team!) during the holiday break.
By Zuben Bastani 21 Nov, 2017

Press Release for CID's Social Venture Marketplace: 


Flyer School App Named as CO Impact Days and  Initiative Social Venture Finalist

Flyer’s Equity and Inclusion Platform to be a Featured Speaker at the Second Annual Marketplace for Impact Investing

DENVER, November 10, 2017 –  CO Impact Days and Initiative  announced the top 100 social ventures that have been invited to meet face to face with investors in order to seek millions of dollars of “impact investments” at CO Impact Days Social Venture Showcase on November 17, 2017. Flyer School App was chosen as one out of 150 applicants in a competitive process with over 138 judges from around the United States, and will be showcasing in the Education/Early Childhood Track at the event as the keynote speaker in that track!

The 100 ventures will convene on November 17 at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House at the Denver Performing Arts Complex for the second year of this innovative, exciting, “shark-tank for good” statewide marketplace for impact investing.  The chosen social ventures will have the opportunity to showcase their investment opportunities to offer not only a financial return on the impact investor's investment, but also to offer solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time.

“We are so thrilled to again invite over 200 investors and philanthropists to interact with these valuable social ventures. When these two groups of powerful move-makers share a room, there is no telling the good that will come. We’ve aimed to offer a diverse array of impact investments, with a goal that every investor attendee will leave knowing that deal flow is not a Colorado impact investing problem,” said Dr. Stephanie Gripne, Founder of the Impact Finance Center and creator of CO Impact Days and Initiative. “We’re excited to continue this effort and see even more fruitful collisions at this year’s marketplace.”

The goal of CO Impact Initiative is to catalyze $100 million in impact investments into Colorado social ventures in the next three years, and it is kicking off with CO Impact Days on November 15-17. CO Impact Days encourages a new breed of impact investors and community members to Learn. Connect. Invest.

“To be selected as a featured speaker in this field of incredible social ventures is truly an honor,” said Flyer CEO and Founder, Zuben Bastani. “We’ve worked hard over the past two and a half years to build a dynamic platform that brings equity and delivers social resources to schools and districts. To be able to present our brand new Flyer 2.0 solution at CID’s Social Venture Marketplace is an invaluable opportunity, and one for which we’re very grateful.”

CO Impact Days’ innovation is uniquely possible because Colorado is home to a number of national leaders in impact investing and a thriving and collaborative community of social venture entrepreneurs in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, plus philanthropists and investors who are committed to growing Colorado’s economy and creating good jobs while ensuring our state remains one of the best places to work, live and play in the U.S.  

# # #

About CO Impact Days and Initiative

CO Impact Days is in the second year of its trail-blazing effort to create a statewide marketplace for impact investing; identifying, connecting, and celebrating Colorado's top social ventures and impact investors from the Western Slope to the Front Range. CO Impact Days’ brings together Colorado’s top 100 social ventures, 200 impact investors, and 500+ community members to Learn. Connect. Invest.  For more information or tickets, visit  or contact Kristin Giant at


CO Impact Initiative, created by the Impact Finance Center and led by Dr. Stephanie Gripne is a 3-year strategy to elevate and accelerate impact investing in Colorado, catalyzing the flow of $100 million in investment capital into Colorado social ventures that deliver positive impact on the state’s communities, economy and natural environment.

About Flyer

At Flyer, our mission is to increase student achievement among low-income and ELL families through better family engagement.  Our vision is for all families, regardless of social or economic barriers, to be informed, participating, and connected with their schools and social resources. For schools and teachers, we envision a single unified platform to drive their communications, manage their logistics, and deliver resources that create a positive social impact. For more information, visit  or contact


By Zuben Bastani 01 Nov, 2017

When King-Murphy sat down to consider their fall fundraiser, they had two main objectives:

  1. Motivate their community to contribute to a new STEM lab
  2. Encourage their students to develop great and sustainable academic habits

After considering their options, which included a running race, they decided to hold a “Read-a-Thon”. “Our kids are mountain kids,” said KM PTA Co-President, Lisa Dulski. “They’re outside all the time, so we thought it was more important to encourage kids in an educational way.” A Read-a-Thon presents a perfect platform to encourage the practice of reading for fun.  It allows students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and set the stage for students to (hopefully!) grow into lifelong readers.

The King-Murphy PTA collaborated with the Flyer team to build out their fundraiser entirely from scratch (these are incredibly dedicated and brave PTA members we’re talking about here!) using their King-Murphy app to host informational content, access reading logs, collect donations, and track progress, all in one place! “The app has been essential for us because it gave us the ability to communicate constantly with our families,” said Lisa. “The app as a whole has allowed us to get more families on board and streamline the collection process.”

In addition to the prizes offered to individual winners of the Read-a-Thon, KM worked hard to emphasize the the communal nature of the event, encouraging teachers to foster camaraderie and team spirit by creating their own classroom-level incentives tailored to their specific group of students (because nothing motivates young learners like the potential of a Pajama Party, am I right?!). The Read-a-Thon also allowed KM an opportunity to reach beyond the school community to engage friends, extended family, and neighbors. The inclusivity of the Read-a-Thon was also a huge benefit, allowing families and students to participate fully whether or not they were able to financially contribute, and since the students were reading at home, it offered parents the opportunity to reinforce those habits and engage with their children.  

We’re incredibly impressed by the effort that King-Murphy put into creating a thorough, robust, and adaptable fundraising toolkit and love that reading was at the heart and soul of their event. Check out their app to see all of their resources, and congratulations to everyone who contributed to the Read-a-Thon!

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