About Flyer

Flyer is a team of parents, school leaders and young professionals on a social mission to increase student achievement through family engagement.

Flyer was created by the parent of elementary-aged kids. Frustrated by the fragmented means of communication by schools including flyer-stuffed-backpacks, missed emails, auto-dialers, teachers' notes, and inaccurate recounts by kindergartners, Zuben Bastani’s goal was to create a mobile app that is a one-stop-shop for school information and communication for every type of family regardless of their income or language.

Flyer has grown to serve traditional, charter and private PK-12 schools in both rural and urban areas across the US.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase student achievement among low-income and ELL families through better family engagement.

Our vision is for all families, regardless of social or economic barriers, to be informed, participating, and connected with their schools and social resources. For districts, schools, and teachers, we envision a single unified platform to drive their communications, manage their logistics and deliver resources that create a positive social impact.

Our Team

Zuben Bastani
Founder and CEO
James Humphrey
Marie Bader
Impact Coordinator 
Breeze Covarrubias
Junior Developer

Join Us

Our team is impassioned with increasing equity and access for underserved families. We envision a world where all families are informed, participating, and connected with their schools and the right resources to help them succeed.

Do you share our values? Have the same ideals? We would love to meet you!

We're looking for great people to help us grow, build and serve our partner schools and districts. If you would like to talk, please send your resume and any relevant experience with us at info@flyerschoolapp.com.
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